Agatha Wara

Bolivian-American artist living and working in Oslo. She is the editor of the eponymous magazine Agatha. Wara has developed and presented projects for different occasions and institutions, using her equally expansive practice which includes curating and writing. Some of these include UKS Minibar (2017), Norwegian Sculpture Biennial Oslo (2016), Soppen Performance Festival (2016), Lofoten International Art Fair (2015), Art Basel Miami Beach (2015), Institute of Contemporary Art Miami (2015), Gucci Vuitton gallery (2014), Red Bull Studios NYC (2014), and (2015), (2013).

Dødsdress (Jeg skal ikke hjem i kveld, jeg skal til bananlandet, et sted hvor bare to ting er sanne, bare to ting; én: alle stoler er grønne, og to: ingen stoler er grønne.

May 25, 2018
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